Buffoli F.lli uses four different types of plastic, each of which is studied and analyzed in our laboratory in direct collaboration with the manufacturer, and each is specific to the treatment the customer needs to undergo.

Among these, the most important ones are:

  1. Green Plastisol coating is suitable for all traditional galvanic treatments due to its high chemical resistance, especially at moderate temperatures.
  2. Black Plastisol coating with high mechanical quality, specifically where higher thermal resistance is required.
  3. Blue Plastisol coating that guarantees very high resistance and elasticity of hooks. It is specific for chrome plating and plastic (ABS) treatment, as well as technical treatments such as chemical nickel.
  4. Purple Plastisol coating with a percentage of PTFE that ensures high-temperature resistance. Like blue Plastisol, purple Plastisol is particularly suitable for plastic (ABS) treatment and technical treatments.

Buffoli F.lli performs the following interventions:

  • Cryogenic delamination, for the regeneration of galvanic frames through the immersion of the frame in a bath of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of approximately -200°C, which allows the complete removal of the plastic coating, thanks to a thermal shock and the subsequent mechanical removal of the Plastisol.
  • Repair by replacing only damaged hooks or the entire crossbar.
  • Re-plasticization of all types of frames.

All of these operations are carried out quickly according to the production needs of our customers.


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