Part Fixing or Workpiece Clamping

The attachment of the parts is designed by our technicians to be “secure” but at the same time “soft,” both to facilitate loading and to prevent deformation of the part itself in specific processes, such as ABS.

The choice of materials and the positioning of the parts on the frame are studied with the help of a dedicated spreadsheet in order to distribute the current as evenly as possible.

Buffoli F.lli manufactures its frames either in the traditional way, with the hooks riveted into various metal sections, or according to customer requirements, by screwing the hooks onto the metal to ensure greater flexibility.

The used materials

Hooks for anchoring parts are normally made of AISI 304, AISI 316, or Titanium.

The key factor in choosing the hooks is their shape; they have different shapes because they need to:

  • Adapt to the shape of the parts to promote dripping
  • Support the weight to prevent them from falling during treatment
  • Be as flexible as possible to facilitate treatment
  • Be “soft” in the case of working on plastic parts


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