Opportunities offered by Buffoli plating plants in the context of Industry 4.0

Buffoli plants are designed to collect a large amount of information during the production process. All the collected information is stored in the data collection and processing system, which can be provided as part of the basic version of the plant.

Thanks to the additional features provided by the ISA Data Browser module, Buffoli plants are capable of bringing your production system into the era of the smart factory.

ISA Data Browser can store, organize, and make available for consultation a large amount of information related to the execution of the production process.

The collected information is numerous and can be customized: currents and voltages of rectifiers, bath temperatures, and other parameters that can be collected based on the sensors that the customer requests to install on the plant itself.

All the collected information can be easily transferred to centralized processing systems with the aim of correlating the quality and production efficiency with the actual working conditions encountered during the process.

Furthermore, the processed information can be useful for providing guidance to maintenance personnel regarding the operating status of some components that may show abnormal signs of wear and, therefore, require restoration or repair before causing critical failures.

All the information can be passed on to management systems for production progress control, and, for the management of production assets, a connection to maintenance management systems or other factory management systems can be easily established. In fact, Buffoli Plants’ control systems have an open interface that allows for easy communication with the company’s information infrastructure by connecting the plant’s control computer to the company network.

Buffoli Plants is also available to develop customized functionalities that allow for the detection of production anomalies that impact quality or production efficiency, according to the latest methodologies related to cyber-physical systems and the use of Industrial Big Data Analytics techniques.

Finally, it is worth noting that all Buffoli Plants installations guarantee the possibility of remote connection and provide the ability to use remote control and immediate assistance services for any type of plant malfunction, thereby meeting an additional requirement specifically requested for eligibility for incentives required by the National Industry 4.0 Plan.


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